Sutton Lenore Foster
Sutton Lenore Foster

Hi! **This is a blog that I created for Sutton Foster fans.** Sutton Foster is a two-time Tony Award winner for her lead roles as Millie Dillmount in 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' and as Reno Sweeney in 'Anything Goes' Sutton Foster is currently on Broadway in 'Anything Goes' in the Stephen Sondheim theatre. *Sutton Foster's Twitter is: sfosternyc *I do promo for promo's anytime :)

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loveoveradesk: Hello, delovely! It's so nice to find fellow Sutton enthusiasts! (: She's my hero, my role model.... I idolize her!! <3I hope to share in our common interest pretty often! (:

Hello :) she is my hero/role model/inspiration too! <3 and yes we should :)

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So guys, how funny would it be if Sutton Foster planked.

franklymydear-i-dontgive-a-damn: Hello! I wanted to let you that Sutton asked for any ideas for get new album and I put how to love! When she asked that I thought of your post!!!

Aw thank you!!! She would totally rock that song. ;)


some favorites.


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The most beautiful lady ever.

The most beautiful lady ever.


omg… guise…


omg… guise…

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The world has gone mad today,

And good’s bad today,

And black’s white today,

And day’s night today,

And most guys today,

That women prize today,

Are just silly gigolos.

How do you get backstage for a Broadway show?

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Hi, I’m Sutton Foster. What was that? I can’t hear you over the sound of my perfection.

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